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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Hybrid Vehicle. I want this.
BMW i8 - Fully Charged.


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He's gone from playing a mechanoid to a "testosterone obsessed male" :)

Nice car, although I wonder if the simulated engine noise can be replaced with the sound of a 44 class turning over. :)

I would go for 6029++

Actually, I would turn it off.

A car that sounds like a steam train? Positively Goonish :)

YAKAMOTO: A fiendish hand-painted zeppelin stuffed with horse hair, are ready for takeoff in general direction of up

FRED NURKE: Wait a moment, it looks like a 7:20 train to Bradford, does that?

EIDELBERGER: Exactly. That, my friend, is a zeppelin in disguise

FRED NURKE: Ooh. Well, in you get. Contact! Cast-off! Put the dinner on!

GRAMS: Train whistle, train chugs fade away getting faster

GREENSLADE: Listeners with keen ears and socks to match will recognise that even the sound of the zeppelin has been disguised as a 7:20 train to Bradford. Quel merveilleuse ingenuitay!

So there's one of these in the BMW dealership in Palo Alto. It has the sticker price on it ($140k USD) plus a hand-written note on the sticker, "+$90k."

At those prices, I'd rather buy the top-of-the-range Tesla.

Or seven of my little Lexus hybrids.

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