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Den's Journal

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GoPro In The Rain
Photos, art

Last month, Sydney and the Hunter Valley was his by a massive storm front. This is what it looked like as it passed over Dubbo. We had a few days of steady rain, not the hail and downpours that hammered the coast.

1 frame per 5 seconds.

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Pretty cool. Did you have it under a glass/plastic shield?

The GoPro 4 comes with a waterproof case, so I just stood it out in the rain - something I can't do with the Canon Ixus75

Nice! I especially like the bit near the end where the clouds break for a little while and there's sky.

That was the last sunshine for four days. It rained a lot.

The video was fascinating (I watched it late last night, replying now during my lunch hour). I especially enjoyed one particular moment where there's an onrushing burst of dark grey cloud from the lower left.

Those storms were bad news for a lot of people, and extended all the way up the coast beyond Surfers Paradise where FurDu was taking place. I flew out on Thursday 5 minutes ahead of another attendee named Vel Uriel (his would have been taxiing(?) right after mine). We were knocked around considerably during the storm, Vel arrived 30 minutes earlier.
Me via TXT: "How did you overtake me?!?"
Vel via TXT: "I didn't fly Jetstar."
E'nuff said.

Yet it was even worse for Katja Aclysm, one of FurJam's key organisers who was supposed to fly out to FurDu that evening. Her evening flight was cancelled and she re-booked for a morning flight, and the only class remaining was in business class. That flight was turned back to Sydney. She and her boyfriend had to drive 10 hours to reach the convention.

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