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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Sort of not sick
Mad Science
Whatever I had has gone, but it left me with a cough and without a voice. I can manage a hoarse whisper at best and will be like this for a few days, I think.

Phone conversations with Dad are a bit frustrating. I have the following exchange about 3 times a day.

Dad: Hi Den, Can we talk for a minute?
Me: No
Dad: You're busy?
Me: No
Dad: Why can't you talk?
Me: *whispering loudly* I. Have. No. Voice.
Dad: Oh! Yeah, that's right. I'll talk to you later.


Oh well, I wasn't planning on doing anything today, it being ANZAC Day. The Dawn Service is live from Gallipoli in an hour, and the service from Villers-Bretonneux follows. It's a good day to sit quietly and drink tea.

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I'm not laughing really but I can just hear that conversation between the pair of you! Hope you are feeling better soon and can talk to your dad before he drives you batty ;)

I didn't know you were a hoarse whisperer.

Seriously, I hope that throat infection clears up soon. Have you been gargling the Listerine?

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