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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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I'm siiiiiick
I appear to have picked up a mild cold that brought along an annoying cough. So I'm living on aspirin and tea sweetened with too much honey. Not so ill that I can justify a day in bed, but too ill to feel good.

And of course, the temperature fell last night and it rained all day. Sunday it was 31C and sunny, today 13C and damp. blagh.

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One of the finer cures I can think of. For medicinal purposes only, of course....

Hope ya feel better soon Batty!

"Take 2 measures hourly until you don't care any more."

Sounds like what tore through the office. If so, took me two weeks to fully shake it (never got bad, but my throat was shot and the cough wouldn't go away). Good luck!

That's the problem. I'm not sick enough to say I'm ill, but I'm too ill to say I'm well. And that cough... I feel like my throat and lungs have been done over with sandpaper.

Merasmus (a villain character in Team Fortress) "Hahahahar! I am healing myself with healing magic... and aspirin."

Damp in Dubbo? Gosh, this *IS* a powerful storm. It's managed to blow all the way to the outback border town.

Hope you recover quickly Batty. Sandpaper throat is no fun.

Nitpick: Ibuprofen has fewer long-term side effects than aspirin, although many people need to take it with food to avoid stomach irritation. (I'm not one of them.) Extra Vitamin C is, of course, useful for all sorts of ailments, and instead of putting the honey in your tea, try taking it by the teaspoonful as if it were cough syrup. Chicken soup is also a time-honored remedy for colds, although it doesn't specifically have to be chicken. Anything with a broth base and a lot of seasonings, especially garlic, black pepper, ginger, and hot pepper - if you have a Chinese restaurant nearby, "hot and sour soup" is pretty much the equivalent (in terms of healing power) to Jewish-American chicken soup.</font>

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