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Den's Journal

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LNER B1, 61306 'Mayflower' at speed

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Nothing like pacing videos of main line steam at speed. :=3

Thanks for sharing.

I have the OVP video of the speed run done by Bittern last year. It's very good!

Ah read the logo Luuuuke....

Coool damn vid!

Edited at 2015-04-04 03:55 am (UTC)

One of these days I really need to dig out the pacing you & I did at Thirlmere that day (the day of the impatient motorists behind us).

Wonderful sight, ain't it? Can't wait for them to get UP 4414 rebuilt and back out. They don't come much bigger.

The sad part is, where would Steam Power be now if they hadn't just abandoned it cold in the 1940's to go Diesel? They were making advances like roller bearings, and metallurgy improvements have kept advancing on corrosion resistance.

I'd love to see 4414 running. The AD60 class Beyer-Garretts we had here were big, and that one is much bigger.

I think with the advances in technology since the 40s, we could build an auto-feed powdered coal steam turbine/electric engine that is as efficient and clean as a diesel. Running everything on overhead electric is preferable, but often that is not feasible.

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