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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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You what?
I think I voted, yesterday. I went to a place, wrote some numbers on paper, and stuffed the paper in a box. Later that night some politicians appeared.

The conservatives won on promised that seemed to be mostly on improving services in Sydney. Because we all know Sydney is New South Wales and all the areas outside Sydney is just... outside.

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The problem with elections is that no matter what happens, a politician wins. I think Gneech said it or swiped it...

What we need is a box we stuff paper into that makes politicians disappear...

*That* would make elections interesting!

Leunig's view: At the end of the election all the ballot papers are burned in a furnace that drives a small electric generator powering a single light bulb in the men's toilet of parliament house - "If you look through the window you can see your vote at work."

Irish quote: "There's no point voting in elections; the government always wins."

Because of my religious commitments I always postal vote, which has the advantage of seeing *all* the candidates prior to voting day. However with the time constraignts of my job I had no opportunity to do as I have in the past which is to number every single ballot.

So I voted Green, just to say "screw you" to the left and the right.

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