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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Around The World In 80 Beers episode 170: 4 Pines Stout
4 Pines Stout

Pours an opaque black with small amounts of carbonation through the glass. The head is thin and tan, and fades away very slowly to a very thin lacing.

First Sip: Mostly dark malts, with some mild coffee and dark chocolate flavours. A faint fruit flavour shows up when the glass warms a little. The after-taste is a mild bitter dryness. Mouth-feel is smooth and maybe a little thin, with a mild carbonation tingle on the tongue.

This is missing the strong flavours you expect in a stout, but it is still a nice brew to quaff. I could certainly drink this all day.* Definitely a good one for smoked meats, or a mild curry, or fish and chips. Or just about anything you care to mention. Cheese, for instance. Cheap cheese, out of date. With a hint of Vegemite because it was on the knife I also used on my breakfast toast. I know it is highly unlikely for anyone else to hit that combination, but this beer goes with that. It's a very nice (and versatile!) beer. Even the beer burp is nice.

* or until I put on wobbly boots and fall over

4 Pines Stout
4 Pines Brewery
5.1% alc/vol
330ml bottle

4 Pines Stout

Same again sir? Yes please.

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Ya know, this one sounds worthy of a beer bucket list entry too. Less the Vegemite of course, cuz I'm never going to be that hard core an Aussiephile :P

I'm loving how putting the IBU's on the label is officially a world wide Thing now. And 40 IBU's for a stout is getting up into the California stout range. Hops are indeed, Good :)


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