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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Around The World In 80 Beers episode 169: Cascade Stout
Cascade Stout

Pours an opaque black with very little head. (That could be my fault.)

First Sip: Dark roasted malts and burnt toffee, mostly. Very faint, brief taste of citrus on the swallow, followed by a mild bitterness. Mild carbonation tingle on the tongue. Mouth-feel is thin but not watery. The malt becomes a little more noticeable as the glass warms.

This is nice and quite drinkable, but it's a bit boring. It doesn't have the heavy malts and buckets of flavour you expect from a stout. In fact, it reminded me more of Toohey's Old than a stout. While I like this beer, it just doesn't have It.

Cascade Stout
Cascade Brewery Company Ltd. Hobart
5.8% alc/vol
375ml bottle

Cascade Stout

Same again, sir? Okay.

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I want to hunt through all of your past appraisals to find one that says "Same again, sir? NO WAY!" LOL

I got some quality laughs out of those. I hope you didn't have to scour your journal archive to find them, but if you did then I'm very grateful! :)

Those two were Memorable for their badness.

Hmms "Okay" sounds more like a "Meh" to me :)

I Still want a Sheaf's Stout, haven't seen it out here in forever..


It is drinkable but it's missing the heavy flavours you expect in a stout.

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