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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Watching the clouds.

Includes a surprise sparrow at the end, and the occasional appearance of a short fat bastard.

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The sparrow is seen without difficulty, but even my foxaroo eyes haven't spotted Harry Secombe yet.

Watching the edges clouds in time-lapse is fascinating. I don't know how accurate my understanding is, but from bits and pieces learned in high school I recall that three things are required for clouds to form: moisture, fine particles of dust (IIRC the teacher called them "Mie") that the moisture forms around, and the lowering of the air temperature below the point where the moisture can remain suspended on its own. Looking at the turbulent patterns in this video appears to lend credence to these theories.

Look around the 0.22 mark.

Did you see Richard Hammond's "Wild Weather" on SBS on Monday? He focused on clouds. It was excellent.

Oh yes. Golly though; not easy to see even when you're looking.

I'm afraid, odd as it sounds, I don't have access to free-to-air TV. It's been many, many years since I could afford the time to watch anything when it's on air. After a while I ended up with a large colleciton of VHS recordings that I never got around to catching up on. When Australia switched to digital... I just didn't see upgrading as worth the personal expense.

I had forgotten what summer looked like...

Normally there are no clouds in summer. We are having quite a few thunderstorms this year.

Some rain, and lightning too.

Cool! Clouds are kind of amazing and those ones look pretty spectacular in motion.

I like nighttime clouds (near a full moon) even better, though. :)

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