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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Photos, art
Sparrow Surprise

This is one frame out of a time lapse I was making of the clouds. A sparrow decided my GoPro would make a good perch.

I'll post the time lapse later.

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And sparrows actually do "tweet" - that is, they say TWEEEEEET! very, very loudly, much louder than you'd expect from such a small bird.

(Check your camera housing; they usually poop to jet-assist their takeoff.)

A bunch of sparrows tweeting is an amazing amount of noise.

And baby sparrows are difficult to successfully raise to release age. I don't know why.

(GoPro has a waterproof housing. It cleaned up nicely.)

Indeed, a flock of sparrows, or even just a random collection of them hanging out together, creates a racket out of all proportion to their size.

I don't know how difficult it is to raise baby sparrows. But a few years ago, we had a sparrow nest in a hollow ceiling beam on our enclosed porch (its windows don't close all the way) - right above the front door. Not only did this make it nearly impossible to use the front door without being pooped on, the amount of noise made by two parents and three or four babies made it advisable to avoid the front room altogether. After they left, I fixed the hollow beam so that nothing could build a nest there again.

A study of wings!

Excellent image!

You still have sparrows at Dubbo?

They're long gone from anywhere I know of around the coast. The blasted Indian Miner Birds have driven them all away.

First attempt at a comment failed...

That's a neat photo! I love unexpected bonuses.

By the by - did you know that Red Wombat Studio created a product label for I Can't Believe it's not Echidna Milk?

I did know this, and I have a framed print of it.


Awesome. A friend of mine pointed me at Red Wombat last night... then I had a surreal 6-degrees of separation moment.

Reading Ursula's "I know this guy online" description gives me a warm egoboost.

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