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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Kerbal Space Program

Thomprey Keman poses for a photo at Site Delta, during his seismic exploration of the Northern Tundra. His solo mission will earn the program funds, science, and reputation.

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I rocketed in on a sub-orbital, then parachuted in as close as I could and drove to the site. I landed pretty close - only needed ten minutes of driving to get to the site Delta.

I've just reached the science level where I can build spaceplanes but my runway and hangar need to be upgraded to take the heavies. I'm about to spend 3mil on upgrading the science facility, so funds will be tight until I finish a few contracts.

I have 2 Skylabs in orbit and they will need expanding, so I need to start doing SSTO planes.

I'd strongly advise installing FAR if you're planning on getting into spaceplanes. The aero overhaul due in th next update should improve things, but as of now the stock aerodynamics system is horrid to fly planes in.

I need to raid Curse again to get my favourite mods: Kerbal Engineer, Docking Port Alignment Indicator, and a lighting package. I'll grab FAR too.

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