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Den's Journal

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Google Loon
Google have two of their Loons in the air over Australia - one is in the middle of Western Australia and the other is between Adelaide and Whyalla.

Both are at >65,000 feet, beaming Internet at the unwary.



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Hmm, cool !
Somehow, this is the first I've heard of these, and I do try to vaguely keep up with interesting tech news.

... errr, could you shrink the images or cut them (in both posts), though ?
They're doing that thing that large images do to the LJ layout ...

I was alerted to Google's balloon internet through XKCD

I didn't know it was called Loon until today.

Project Loon is a fascinating way of getting the internet to unsuspecting people, but Google has also teamed up with Elon Musk of SpaceX [and Tesla] to develop a fleet of around 4,000 low-mid earth orbit [well, 750 miles] satellites to provide global wifi coverage. Basically, the same thing written large. They've given him $1billion to do it... [which is probably what they found down the back of the sofa].

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