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Around The World In 80 Beers episode 159: Red Trolley Ale

Red Tolley Ale

Pours a clear dark caramel colour. The head is smallish and fades away rapidly with no lacing or cling. Some carbonation is visible.

First sip: A lot of toffee and sweet malt up front, with a faint burnt toast flavour. Strong toffee syrup after taste. Very mild bitterness that washes away quickly. Medium mouth-feel with a nice carbonation tingle on the tongue. Very warming in the belly and the beer burp is pleasant.

This is a yummy beer, but it's a little sweet to drink on its own. It's almost a liquid beery toffee. You need something to balance the sweetness - a King Island blue vein cheese is perfect if you're after a nibbly. Or a really heavy meaty meat dish with extra meat and gravy. Or Venison. Or curried goat. Something strong is what I'm trying to get at.

It's not a good beer for warm days. This is a cold winter's day in front of the fire beer.

Red Trolley Ale
Karl Strauss Brewing Company
5.8% alc/vol
12fl.oz / 335ml Bottle

Red Tolley Ale
Same again, sir? Yes!
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