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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Road Trip!
happy den
I have just returned from a week in Wellington, New Zealand. It was part business mostly fun.

It was primarily to meet a but of forumites from the Shadow And Flame Weta collectors forum, and we were joined by some of the artists and managers of the WETA workshops. I bought some loot from the Weta Cave (Dwarf coins, and a Dr Grordbort's Medal Of Arbitrary Self Importance) and did a Window On The Workshop tour. Weta built a fully working Warthog for a cancelled Halo movie, and a lot of the armour and weapons from Lord Of The Rings, District 9, Elysium, Hellboy, and Narnia are on display. They even explain how they make them and you get to handle samples of chain maille (it's plastic) and plate armour (it's rubber and leather)

And then the artists grabbed us and took the group for a tour behind the scenes at Weta.

It started with signing a non-disclosure agreement.


Aaand that's about all I can tell you. But wow! I am still all bouncy and squeeeee! from that. I want to tell you about all the things, but must not. All I can say is "Squeeeee!"

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Sounds great. I keep telling you guys that New Zealand is the place to be! You went to the wrong island though!

I was saying to Mum today "If I go to NZ again and DON'T go to Christchurch, Deb will kill me."

Speaking of Christchurch, it's certainly an interesting spot to visit post-quake. Got friends down that way, so I've been twice in the last year or so.

I might have to make a special trip over there just to kill you ;)

Oh the things I'm not allowed to talk about!

I can see you paying your dues on that trailer and getting a resume, err, CV, into WETA you know...

Dream big dreams :)


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