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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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At Godmanchester
Photos, art
On my last day in England, we went for a short walk along the Ouse Valley Way from Godmanchester to Brampton.

The "Chinese Bridge" at Godmanchester, in front of the Town Hall.
Chinese Bridge

On the Town Hall.


Godmanchester across the River Ouse.

Godmanchester across the Ouse
The black and white building in the centre houses an excellent fish & chip shop.

Along the path


River Ouse

River Ouse

The Way took us through Portholme, England's largest water meadow.

Hinchingbrooke House, Brampton.

Hinchinbrooke House

And that was the last photo I took in England.

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First photograph in the sequence caught my eye immediately. It's not just the white bridge over the water and the ducks in it that make it prizeworthy. I'm fascinated by buildings situated so close to water's edge. Much less common here in Australia.

The river level is very carefully controlled by weirs and locks along its entire length. It rarely rises more than half a metre above normal.

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