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So I've just had my phone reconnected. Again.

I was rather surprised this morning to discover my phone had been disconnected again, only this time instead of the 1800 number, the number to ring was 13 2022. I spoke to the bloke after waiting On Hold, told him I'd paid before Easter and gave him a receipt number. We chatted a bit and I mentioned I was doing a uni course on-line, and trying to live on AusStudy. He laughed and said he knew where I was coming from. He'd done the same thing a few years ago and knew I needed the phone.

He also mentioned that I wouldn't be charged for reconnection.

60 minutes later I had the phone on.

Always be nice to the person answering the phone because the problem is not their fault.

He mentioned something that has left me astounded. I paid the bill by BPAY where you ring up your bank, poke in account details, enter the bill details, enter the amount to pay, and it is transferred from your account to the billing account. I was told that paying the bill like this can take up to 7 days to clear.

What The...?

If I had written out a paper cheque with a pen and handed it over the counter at the post office, the account would have been paid then and the cheque would have cleared in 3 days.

The banks are fucked in the heads.

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