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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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At York (part 1)
Photos, art
Some photos of the National Railway Museum, York. There are many many more here.

The Great Hall.
National Rain Museum

A4 Mallard

A4 Mallard

A4 Mallard

Bolton & Watt beam engine
Bolton & Watt Beam Engine

Replica of "Rocket"

A giant Chinese KF7

46229 "Duchess Of Hamilton"
46229 Duchess of Hamilton


No. 737

Tramway winding engine. This used to haul wagons up steep inclines,
Tramway winding engine


The Great Hall

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Those '30s art deco inspired engines, just awesome stuff!

Gotta love that streamlining.

Mallard holds the record for fastest steam train: 128mph in 1935

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Wonderful pictures.

I'd like to visit York someday.

Truly awe inspiring machines. Especially when you consider that they were built with far less sophisticated tools and infrastructure than we have today.

Q: Wouldn't those copper pipes corrode easily being exposed to the elements?

Those copper pipes are brass.
A major part of the maintenance on these locomotives was/is cleaning and polishing (by hand!).

Just around the corner is one one of the largest model railways I have ever seen. I didn't visit it on this trip. 8(

That's some beautiful stuff! I always loved the train train hall at the Museum of American History.

Need to get you and foxaroo over here to visit the Railroad Museum of PA; which is located across the street from the Strasburg Railroad.

Yes. We do need to go there!

Add Exporail in Montreal, Steamtown, IRM, and the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay to that list!

By the way, the second spice rack is printed, cleaned and washed. I need to mail it to you.

Loved visiting the NRM when I was over there. Being able to touch Mallard, sit in a bullet train, tour a Night Ferry sleeping car - incredible!

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