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Den's Journal

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At Houghton Mill
Photos, art
Houghton Mill is a water-powered mill still in use. Now, it grinds a few hundred kg of flour per week for local speciality bakeries. In its hey-day in the mid 1800s, the mill had 10 millstones in operation and produced 40 tons of flour per day.

They were doing a grinding day when I visited.

Houghton Mill

Houghton Mill

Loading the upper hopper
Houghton Mill

Houghton Mill

Houghton Mill

Wheat falling into the millstone
Houghton Mill

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Ah, the wonders of the pre-steam age!

The machinery looks imaculate! Surely not all the components are authentic?

Did you take any other photos of the water wheel? I'd love to see that closer up.

It's really hard to get a good photo of the wheel; it's enclosed by that big wooden hood.

The stones are original; the gears are accurate recreations of the originals.

Pity there aren't any water-driven mills around Dubbo. :(

I have a video of Houghton in action, but YouTube won't process it :(

Nice place! I have pics (which I don't think I've posted yet, hmm) of a smaller watermill that I visited recently. Visited totally by accident, that is - well we knew there was a watermill because it said so on the map, but we didn't know it would be open to the public, let alone actually making flour.

The thing that surprised me about it (I've visited water mills many times before but not, or not recently, while they're working) was the feeling of power around the machinery. I mean it made the building shake, and not just in a 'this is three hundred years old and is probably going to fall down' kind of way. Very impressive.

Houghton is a substantial building running just one stone, so you could feel some vibrations. Apparently in the 1890s when they ran all 10 millstones, the place shook and you could hear it in the village,

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