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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Around The World In 80 Beers Interlude #3: Bickford's Old Style Ginger Beer
This should be Interlude #5. I had two ginger beers lined up in UK but I ran out of time. One was a rather good Mass Market brew from Tescos, and the other was awesome. I could still taste the ginger 30 minutes after I finished it.

Pity. Next Trip I will review that one.

Bickford's Old Style Ginger Beer

Pours a thin, but slightly cloudy beige with a lot of carbonation cling to the glass

First sip: mildly sweet, with a little fast-fading lemon flavour and a mild, but long lasting, ginger bite on the back of the tongue. Mouth-feel is thin, with a little tingle on the tongue. The after-taste is a little syrupy.

I like this one. It has a nice ginger bite and doesn't taste too sweet, despite being loaded with as much sugar as the other ginger beers.

Bickford's Old Style Ginger Beer
Cane Sugar: 25g/serve
440kj/ 150cal
275ml/9.3fl.oz. bottle