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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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I know it's just an ad...
Found stuff
New Triple-Jetting Objet 500 Connex 1 and 2 Multi-material 3D Printers

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I really dislike that uninformative-informative mood-ad style. So many happy focused workers getting things done! It seems geared to lure impulse investors who aren't versed in 3-D printing and who aren't really interested in how it works. All I see are three Xerox printers with lots of "ink" cartridges and the day-glo hardware it makes, with barely a glancing mention of the problems in 3-D printing that these glorified photocopiers seemed to have solved -- fragility of the materials, granularity of the finish, calibration of the moving parts, building the virtual templates... Then there's the expense of the materials and the workers. Sure, I'd like a 3-D printer that is as robust, inexpensive and easy to use as a bread-making machine, but this is probably not it.

But thanks for sharing! I think 3-D printers will probably fall into the same limbo that smart phones have for me. Now that smart phones have become the Flying Car Of The Future, there are so many limitations, expenses and pitfalls attached to them that it doesn't seem worth the risk and bother to get one.

Absolutely brilliant! I was paying close attention to the ability of this printer to be able to combine different materials into a single product, particularly "Flexible" and "High temperature" applications.

So Den, when are you going to "give your business a competitive edge?" :D

Hen I can afford the >$60k for this printer.

(Taking this as "Heh I can't afford the >$60k for this printer.)

How about merely giving your business a tap or a nudge? XD

I am tapped and nudged out. I need to earn $$

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