Den (dewhitton) wrote,

At Flag Fen

Revisiting the bronze-age site to take more photos. The day was nice, unlike the last time.

Flag Fen as it looked before drainage and agriculture. This is a small patch recreated using local grasses, rushes and plants.
Flag Fen

Bronze-age eel trap dated 1300BC (in box, still encased in mud) and a modern recreation of the trap.
Flag Fen

A small section of the bronze age causeway posts, built c 1350BC. The posts are in-situ, protected by a wet-room that sprays water to stop them drying out.
Flag Fen

Marjoram in flower
Flag Fen

James, my travelling companion, enjoying the sun in a garden full of plants used by the Romans.
Flag Fen

Stoat and building materials
Flag Fen
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