Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Back in Aus

So, back in Dubbo for a while. It was a good but far too short trip. I:

Saw 1000 year old churches
Had excellent fish and chips in a shop built in the 1600s, in a town founded by the Romans
Rode on 100mph trains
Saw a medieval re-enactment society re-enact medieval life in a 1000 year old castle
Drank Tea.
Walked -
- a bronze-age site
- the streets of London
- the streets of York
Saw the WW1 memorial at the Tower Of London, consisting of thousands of red poppies - one for each soldier British killed - which made the moat look like it was full of blood.
Touched the A4 Gresley "Mallard" steam engine
Drank Tea. Lots of it.
Saw pre-WW1 aircraft
Saw WW2 aircraft in flight
Drove around The Fens
Walked through a water meadow
Walked around Peterborough Cathedral
Walked around Oakham Castle medieval Great Hall
Saw a council-supplied EV charging point - free to use in the pay-and-display car park.
Bought flour ground by mill stones powered by a water wheel
Ate scones made from flour ground by a water-powered mill and marmalade and drank lashings of ginger beer
Drank Real Beer in pubs.
Talked to a blacksmith
Ate many Full English breakfasts (toast, bacon, eggs, fried tomatoes, sausages, baked beans.) With Tea.

Many photos to come.

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