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Around The World In 80 Beers Episode 153: Ship In A Bottle

Ship In A Bottle

Pours a dark brown with a small head. (I think the dishwasher is spoiling the glass with a rinse aid)

First Sip: Sweet malts, with toffee and caramel dominating. There is a sort of fruityness, followed by a mild hops at the finish. Mouth-feel is medium, with a nice carbonation tingle on the tongue nd a warming feeling in the belly.

Very nice! This is a yummy beer. Best drunk cold but not chilled, as all the good English beers should be drunk. And I am munching a nice Stilton and crackers at the same time, and it all tastes great.

Ship In A Bottle Mersey Ale
Liverpool Organic Brewery (Flash alert)
4.1% alc/vol

Ship In A Bottle

Same again sir? Yes please!
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