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Bloody Telstra

My account was overdue. I knew that, which is why I paid it last wednesday. I paid by BPAY so that the amount would be deducted from my bank account and transferred to the bill.

On Friday a recorded message appeared every time I tried to dial out. "The lesee of this service is required to phone 1800 XXX XXX on the first business day possible." Then it would dial. No problem, just an inconvenience.

This morning there was no service at 8am. Bastards.

So it's Easter. Friday was a holiday. Saturday... well, they're a Government department, right? Sunday, Monday was a holiday. Today is the first day of business. And they'd cut the line by 8am.

After 20 minutes of pressing buttons for the phone robot ("Enter the date you paid this account, then press hash. Enter the amount you paid, then press hash.") I finally reached a service droid. We discussed things, I refused to be angry at her, she was nice, and I have the phone on at 10.30am.

My alternative ISP* is going under. To get a cheap account with Dingoblue I had to sign over my long-distance service to them. No problem. I hardly dial long distance. But with them ceasing operation I have to find an alternative long-distance phone carrier. I was considering Telstra with the view to going to their adsl service.

Internode will now get my adsl account. Telstra can get stuffed as far as my internet usage is concerned. I won't have an account.

* I have 2 connections with seperate ISPs because they both do different things badly

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