Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Around The World In 80 Beers Interlude #2: Saxby's Ginger Beer

Saxby's Ginger Beer

Pours a translucent beige, with a lot of carbonation visible on the glass but not many bubbles free in the beer.

First Sip: Mildly sweet with a lot of carbonation tingle on the tongue and a very faint citrus. There is a small ginger bite at first, but that grows into a medium strength and persistent bite. Mouth-feel is thin to medium.

I do like Saxby's a lot.* It's sweeter than Bundaberg, but the bite is amazingly persistent and lasts between sips, so you have a constant ginger burn going on for the duration of the bottle. This is a yummy ginger beer and one I drink a lot of.

Saxby's Original Stone Ginger Beer
Saxby Soft Drinks P/L
Sweetened with cane sugar
375ml bottle
836kJ / 200 calories

*Disclaimer: My brother worked for Saxby's for many years as their North Coast rep.
Tags: ginger beer

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