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Around The World In 80 Beers Interlude #1: Bundaberg Ginger Beer

I threatened to do this during my last meeting with thefoxaroo. The title should be something clever and witty, but "Jerking Around" is taken by someone who is wittier and cleverer, and I respect Trav too much to rip off his title.

So here is a soft drink interlude. Hey, it's a beer, right? And it's ginger. I love ginger. When oceansedge and james_b visited last time, they dropped in a 1/2kg packet of lumps of crystallized ginger. It lasted me a week.

Bundaberg Ginger Beer

Pours a pale beige. Almost, but not quite, clear, with large bubbles of carbonation.

First sip: Sweet, but not sickly sweet even though it contains a lot of sugar. Also has a faint lemon flavour that vanishes quickly, followed by an even fainter but persistent ginger flavour with the smallest amount of bite. A lot of carbonation on the tongue. Mouth-feel is thin but not watery.

Admittedly this is one of the mass market brews so the ginger taste is a bit watered down - a little too watered down for me. Even so, it is refreshing and a nice one to drink at any time. My only complaint is that the bottle lid is a rip-top rather than a screw top, so you can't reseal it once opened.

Bundaberg Ginger Beer
Bundaberg Brewed Drinks P/L
Sweetened with cane sugar
375ml bottle
690kJ / 8% Daily Intake
Tags: ginger beer

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