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Around The World In 80 Beers Episode 147: Viking... Pilsner?


Pours a pale yellow with a large head. Lots of carbonation visible in the glass

First sip: Grainy malt, with a strong lemon-citrus that fades away quickly. Extremely faint hops, but no after-taste to speak of. Mouth feel is thin and watery with a foamy carbonation tingle on the tongue.

Viking! You expect something rugged! Violent! Hairy! Something to assault the senses! You don't expect the Viking to arrive and go "Meh. Whatever." That's what this beer does - not a lot of anything. It's drinkable and... yeah that's about it. It's not horrible. It's not nasty. It's not one to put down and avoid. If I were thirsty and had a choice of water or Viking, I'd have to think for a minute before reaching for the Viking.

The bottle says this is a pilsner, but on the website it says it is a golden lager. I'm inclined to go with the lager.

Viking Pilsner/Golden Lager
Viking Brewery - Vifilfell Ltd. Iceland
4.4% alc/vol
330ml bottle


Same again, sir? Um.... no.
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