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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Around The World In 80 Beers Episode 146: Tower 10 IPA
Tower 10 IPA

Pours an opaque amber colour with an medium-sized, creamy head that fades very slowly to a thick lacing.

First Sip: a lot of grapefruit citrus up front, with some sweet malts and hops bitterness. The hops lingers on the after-taste for a long, long, long time, followed by a dryness on the back of the tongue. Medium mouth-feel with a slight carbonation tingle. Nice warming feeling in the tummy.

I have mentioned before how, many years ago, I went looking for an American Beer That Didn't Suck, and largely failed to find one simply because the US brews available here at the time were all macro-swill. I am so very pleased to see the smaller brewers getting shelf space here (Sierra Nevada has a lot of real estate in Dan Murphy's) because the beers have been very good. Tower 10 is no exception; it is a yummy beer. I could drink this all day. I think it would be excellent with smoked meats, and would be excellent to quaff while waiting for meats to smoke, and for BBQs in general. And any time where BBQs aren't involved.

Tower 10 IPA
Karl Strauss Brewing
7% alc/vol
350ml bottle

Tower 10 IPA

Same Again, sir? Yes please!

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Any idea what the name of this beer means?

(As always I love your descriptions)

It's nice hearing the other side of the coin, after Uncle Kage emphatically stated that Aussie wines suck.

Tower 10 is (or was) one of the lifeguard towers on the San Diego beach, near where the founders of the Karl Strauss Brewing Company were living when they first got the idea to start a brewery. View the video on this page for more information.

Also see makovette's comment, below, about Tower 20 IPA.

Edited at 2014-07-07 06:43 am (UTC)

Come to New York, Den - there are tons of craft beers made in NYC (mostly, but not all, in Brooklyn) and in nearby suburbs. (It's a pity I don't like beer, or I could tell you more about all the different local products.)

Oh excellent, the Chinook hops nose survived, Awesome :)

It's a solid tasty brew and a good representative of the species. My only criticism is it's a bit of a middle weight in the California IPA standings. Fortunately, the brewer has made...


To address any perceived shortcomings among the hophead cognoscenti :)


Edited at 2014-07-06 02:13 pm (UTC)

I prefer more malt over more hops.

... OOH! They have cheese recommendations!

Tasssssty cheeses too :)

The double and triple (yes, there are a few Begium-esqe quads out there too) IPAs, done right, have a giant amount of tasty malts in them which offset/compliment those huge hops. Lagunitas and Stone have this nailed, as do other smaller brews that you won't likely see way over there.

That said, these are still challenging to the pallet beers for many folks, but for those of us that enjoy them, More, Please is often heard :)


I can't recall -- have you tried St. Arnold yet? http://www.saintarnold.com/

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