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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Negative Comment!
One of my YouTube videos got a negative comment! And "dislikes!"


I've looked at the OP's channel and I can't tell if she is a spammer or not, so I will leave the comment up.

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Someone once gave my video of my grandmother's cat and kitten playing a thumbs down. SO there's no accounting for people on YouTubv!!

"great job at putting all the license plates and houses their registered to on the internet" What paranoia TV series has this girl been watching? And what did she mean by "not at all offensive to people living in the town?"

Is it even possible to look up a person's address by license plate plate?

I've given her comment a thumbs down. I'd also like to reply, but *after* I have more of an idea what she's blathering on about. Although I'm under the impression she's one of far too many people that post without having given the slighest thought to what she's saying.

I've noted on YouTube that comments which receive an excessive number of dissaprovals are removed from view, although I don't know if that's automatic or performed at the discretion of the video owner.

I had a similar experience with my video about the XPT. A commenter began a hate spiral against my description of the train being based on the Brit-rail HST. I directed him to Wikipedia. He claimed that Wikipedia is "96% of the time wrong." So I quoted from some of my books and other websites. He then claimed to be an XPT drier. Bad idea - all it took was for me to ask him a very simple question about the throttle, which of course he couldn't answer. Then DHLawrence noted that the jerk's YouTube profile had him down as being only 19 years old. What some people think they can get away with beggars the imagination. I took his comments down and banned him from ever posting again in my video channel.

WHY do "experts" argue about the HST125/XPT connetion? The only difference is that the XPT is slower.

Hehe! Well said! :) A *lot* slower.

I'd still like to make some kind of rebuttle to that girl on YouTube.

few people like having "they're" spelling corrected.

From everything I've seen, the comment threads on YouTube are a better example of the mad rush of humanity to the sewer than almost anything else (short of things like /b/ which I don't ever visit.) Screw 'em.

I wouldn't let it get under your skin.

I'm more amused than anything, that she would find an obsure video on an unknowm channel and leave a negative comment.

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