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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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I've had enough.

From now on, if I see a sub-headline like this: "Rob Hewitt was separated from his boat on a dive off the coast of New Zealand, what happened next will stun you." (Sydney Morning Herald) I will refuse to read the article. I know that "what happened next" will not stun, amaze, or astonish me, just as I know that photo#6 will not be hilarious or make my day. I don't know how Rob Hewitt survived three days adrift at sea, and unless he survived by being supported on the back of a white humpback whale while a flock of adele penguins brought him raw fish and bottles of fresh water, then I will lose interest in the story and close the tab before I reach the end.


When I go to a news site, I want news dammit.

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YES!! And I'm so tired of seeing links w/ that sort of headline ALL over Facebook - no matter how interested I may be, I am not clicking anything that tells me something like that. GRRRR.

Even sites that should know better have started sliding down into the linkbait hole. I have started just hiding the entries, or even actively blocking the host sites when friends and family link those headlines on Facebook.

But maybe a flock of penguins DID succor him! Now you will NEVER KNOW!

If the article subhead read "Lost diver saved by a whale and penguins" then I would read it. They are supposed to tell you a quick summary, not suck you in.

Now I don't know how he survived, and yet I don't care.

If a she-wolf and a woodpecker could save Romulus and Remus, well, maybe a whale and penguins aren't too far off the mark :P

I would be more interested if he founded a country called Wales and used his legions to conquer 1/2 the known world.

~We shall not, we shall not be stunned/Just cos the news is printing buuullshit/We shall not be stunned!~

(There's a song in that) :D

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