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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Merry Yule tidings, everyone!

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And the same to you, you mad bastard.

(Deleted comment)
I wish there were some way that I could spend September through March in the US, and March through September in Australia, thereby avoiding all but the most unseasonable warm weather. The Summer Solstice doesn't mean "hooray, it's summer!" to me; it means "will somebody please stick an ice cube down my shirt before I keel over from the heat?" (Also, I'd get to spend half of every year with my friends Down Under.)

I hope the grazing shot to your head from the ManMelter 3600ZX heals quickly and you regain your faculties once again. :P


What? It's the middle of Winter? Isn't that Yule time?

I just went out into the back yard for a weather check:


Apparently, I'm failing the whole Winter thing here :D


You wait 'til Christmas. I'll send you a photo of Christmas at 110F

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