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The move back to Dubbo proceeds. The next few weeks I will moving all the small stuff back home, with removalists taking the last large items - ie anything that won't fit into the Lexus. Rental on the flat ends in July so I have a few weeks.

Yesterday I took [profile] thefoxaroo to IC3d to pick up the missing cable for my printer - it is the cable that connects the material bay to the printer, and was missing from the original delivery. I can't use my printer without it.

We saw samples of items printed in ABS. I was very impressed, and hugely pleased with the quality. The feel is solid, surface finish is nice and has a matt feel to it. A good rub down with acetone would smooth that out. Good old Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene.

I got some useful maintenace tips from the guy who runs the demo printer.

Time to start Doing Things.

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