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Den's Journal

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The move back to Dubbo proceeds. The next few weeks I will moving all the small stuff back home, with removalists taking the last large items - ie anything that won't fit into the Lexus. Rental on the flat ends in July so I have a few weeks.

Yesterday I took [profile] thefoxaroo to IC3d to pick up the missing cable for my printer - it is the cable that connects the material bay to the printer, and was missing from the original delivery. I can't use my printer without it.

We saw samples of items printed in ABS. I was very impressed, and hugely pleased with the quality. The feel is solid, surface finish is nice and has a matt feel to it. A good rub down with acetone would smooth that out. Good old Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene.

I got some useful maintenace tips from the guy who runs the demo printer.

Time to start Doing Things.

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I've discovered a makers club in Houston that makes 3D printers available to members. The possibilities for making molds from which to cast pendants just took a BIG jump.

> Good old Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene.

you wouldn't be saying that if you'd ever had to clean it out of an injection molder before running another material through. and if it'd had been dyed blue. but, hey, that's 20th century technology.

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