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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Around The World In 80 Beers Episode 143: White Rabbit Dark Ale
White Rabbit Dark Ale

Pours very dark in the glass with a large tan head, which collapses quickly into large bubbles and a fine lace. Lots of carbonation clinging to the glass

First Sip: Dark malts and toffee up front, with a mild grape/black current after-taste, and a faint citrus after-after-taste. Hops is not noticeable. Mouth-feel is medium, with a nice carbonation tingle on the tongue.

I first drank White Rabbit in Newcastle after a long day on Kooragang Island. It went down rather well, which I put down to a long work-day. Now, sitting at home and kicking back with Youtube videos (Scott Manley, Slowmo Guys, Periodic Videos, and Smarter Every Day, in case you're wondering), it still goes down well. The dark ale leave a nice warming feeling in the belly, and the beer-burp is nice. This a mild tasting, yummy beer. I feel like lighting the fire and sitting in a comfy chair while I sip this brew.

Cheese is not required.


Oh, who am I kidding? A mild smoked cheddar is yummy.

White Rabbit Dark Ale (English Brown Ale)
White Rabbit Brewery Interesting front page!
4.9% alc/vol
330ml bottle

White Rabbit Dark Ale

Same again. sir? Yes please!

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With a name like White Rabbit it needs to be good! XD

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