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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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SpaceX Dragon V2 | Flight Animation

SpaceX spent a lot of money on this animation, and I couldn't help thinking it would look better if they had done it using Kerbal Space Program.

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with things like this, you can never really know if it is because the artist is just not very good or that the client wanted everything to look "shiny and new" and "let's add some lens flare...lens flare is really hot right now".

but some of the texturing is just...well, off-the-shelf, as was most of the particle work.
also, someone thought that global illumination is perfect for outdoor shots...*sigh*

It doesn't looks like a Maas Digital animation. It's missing the little camera wobbles, and his re-entry effects and textures are better.

I suppose you already know about this site:


WETA Digital/Pukeko Picture often advertise for CGI modellers here.

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