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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Richmond to Thirlmere
1 frame per second.

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This film reminds me of Southern and Central California because of all the Eucalyptus trees. Especially around Rancho Santa Fe which is in a Eucalyptus forest. Very pretty. In Central California the Eucalyptus trees along 180 miles of highway 99 grow over 100 feet high. there are other places where the Eucalyptus trees stretch along both sides of the roads for miles across the valley. In the early days of the railroads, they were planted to make railroad ties because of their hardness. It didn't work out and the trees were left to grow on their own.

I keep forgetting eucalyptus trees are in intorduced species Over there.

Eucalyptus make lousy railroad ties or building timbers, but they stayed in California because they picked the ones that go straight up 100M fast and make a good wind-break between farm plots.

Of course, there's that little 'Widowmaker' problem...

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