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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Around The World In 80 Beers Episode 137: Zywiec Porter
Zuwiec Porter

Pours very dark, near black colour. The head is tan and largish, and fades away slowly to a thick lace.

First sip: Sweet, sweet malts and raisins and caramel up front, followed by dark chocolate and coffee flavours. There is a faint hops after-taste but it is largely overwhelmed by the other flavours. Mouth-feel is thick and silky, with a little carbonation tingle.

Wow. This is a very yummy ale, but (and I never thought I'd say this) a little strong tasting. Most definitely one for a cold, wet winter evening spent in front of the fire after a day of raygunning monsters. It is very warming in the belly. And the flavours grow stronger as the glass warms. And it goes oh so well with a strong English cheddar.

Zywiec Porter
Zywiec Brewery, Poland
9.5%alc/vol (one to sip slowly)
330ml bottle

Zuwiec Porter

Same again, Sir? Yes please.

(Maybe I should do an Around The World in 80 Cheeses)

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I always like one of these episodes that ends in "Same again" = affirmative.

Want to see some photographs of you raygunning the monsters.

Cheeses would be good . . . I like cheeses.

I.. I really like cheese. I would be okay with this.

Another vote for cheeses. I enjoy your beer posts even though I don't like beer, but cheese reviews would actually be of use to me.

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