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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Meanwhile, In Dubbo...
Weta, Grordbort, Rayguns
I'm back in Dubbo for Australia Day long weekend. While driving around looking for things I need for my trip North next week* I passed the Western Plains Cultural Centre (I'll pause here until you stop laughing) and saw this sign:


How could I not enter?

The room was small so they could only display a fraction of the items they showed in Melbourne.

Things such as Captain's Chronometer
Captains Chronometer

Clockwork Universe; a working wall clock and Art
Clockwork Universe

Fashion 1

Fashion 2

More Fashion, with guns!
Fashion 3

Fashion 4

I'm afraid I am a bit more Edwardian in taste, where dirigibles, fixed-wing aircraft, the motor car, and steam engines are mixing together, and phonographs and film photography were available.

Speaking of phonographs, have an MP3 player with a bluetooth speaker (the little horn on the stand.) You drop an SD card into a socket under the hinged lid
MP3 Player

A bedside lamp
Mood Light


Not seen: Random Cogs glued onto things.

I just wish the show was a little larger.

*On Tuesday I start the long drive to Darwin. The job there will take several weeks, so I'll be away from home for all of February.

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Green with envy!

I prefer ladies' steampunk costumes that would allow the lady to single-handedly operate a steam-powered flying machine. (Although I'm not all that well-versed in steampunk... but I've seen some random steampunk cosplayers, and the ladies are usually wearing riding breeches, or at least divided skirts. It's hard to pilot a dirigible when you're wearing a bustle...)

Oh, and apropos of absolutely nothing, this. (Do you have a couple of evenings free to read the comic all the way from the beginning?)

Gunnerkrigg is one of my Comics Trawl.

Why am I not surprised? :-)
It was Kent Paul Dolan who tipped me off to Gunnerkrigg - he thought I'd have a lot in common with Kat. But I have a lot in common with Antimony, too.

Now I want a Verification Bat myself... :-)

I'll be your verification bat :)

*giggles uncontrollably at the thought of you dangling from a string on a stick*

"Touch the bat" :-D

*is confused* - Didn't you just move into a place in Sydney? Or are you splitting into three identical triplets and going to all three?

I live in Richmond but still travel to Dubbo to see Mum & Dad. The Show started in Melbourne and is traveling the country to bring retrostyle to The Bush.

Not bad at all. Love it!

And yes I did laugh out aloud at the oxymoron! :D

The WPCC is a real place! In Dubbo!

I could be mean and pretend to be in disbelief, or at least surprised, but no I never doubted you. :)

that mp3 player literally brought tears to my eyes. I have never wanted something so hard in my whole life ;.;

(Deleted comment)
I don't know. Keep an eye out Just In Case.

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