Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Meanwhile, In Dubbo...

I'm back in Dubbo for Australia Day long weekend. While driving around looking for things I need for my trip North next week* I passed the Western Plains Cultural Centre (I'll pause here until you stop laughing) and saw this sign:


How could I not enter?

The room was small so they could only display a fraction of the items they showed in Melbourne.

Things such as Captain's Chronometer
Captains Chronometer

Clockwork Universe; a working wall clock and Art
Clockwork Universe

Fashion 1

Fashion 2

More Fashion, with guns!
Fashion 3

Fashion 4

I'm afraid I am a bit more Edwardian in taste, where dirigibles, fixed-wing aircraft, the motor car, and steam engines are mixing together, and phonographs and film photography were available.

Speaking of phonographs, have an MP3 player with a bluetooth speaker (the little horn on the stand.) You drop an SD card into a socket under the hinged lid
MP3 Player

A bedside lamp
Mood Light


Not seen: Random Cogs glued onto things.

I just wish the show was a little larger.

*On Tuesday I start the long drive to Darwin. The job there will take several weeks, so I'll be away from home for all of February.

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