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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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And so that was Christmas.
happy den
Still recovering from stuffing myself stupid yesterday, with many friends and family. The weather took a turn for the better; instead of the expected 42C, it rained which brought the temperature down to a comfy 25C.

I have much Yummy beers to drink - leftover Coopers Stout from yesterday.

The last few weeks have been spent house-hunting. I found a new 2-bed flat just around the corner from the current house. It's the same walking distance from East Richmond railway station, and I don't have to cross busy roads. It has a little room for the smoker, too, so I can get back into yummy unhealthy smoked meats.I sign the lease on the 6th and will move in on the 10th. And at $360/week it's cheap for Sydney and a 10 minute drive into the Bush.

The Dan Murphy's at Richmond has a wall of beers I have not tried. Which is nice.

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oh dear, i can imagine that's not fun.

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