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Still Alive

Travelling from work to home, mostly. If you are on Face-ache you would know I was on Kooragang Island near Newcastle, for a week. Not as interesting as it sounds.

I've been travelling around the Richmond/Windsor area, taking photos I have yet to process: The Hawksbury River in smoke. The Hawksbury in rain. Sydney from the Blue Mountans. Thirlmere and the trains. Again.

I have been amusing myself playing Dwarf Fortress and Kerbal Space Program.

The new version lets you play a career program, not just a sandbox. So I reach a point where I could land a rover on the Mun.

Right here.

Hello Mun Rover!

Let's do some SCIENCE! The other solar panel broke. The landing was a bit rough.

While wanding round on the Munar surface, I came across what could be the Kerbal equivalent of a Monolith.



I do enjoy this game.
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