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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Still Alive
Travelling from work to home, mostly. If you are on Face-ache you would know I was on Kooragang Island near Newcastle, for a week. Not as interesting as it sounds.

I've been travelling around the Richmond/Windsor area, taking photos I have yet to process: The Hawksbury River in smoke. The Hawksbury in rain. Sydney from the Blue Mountans. Thirlmere and the trains. Again.

I have been amusing myself playing Dwarf Fortress and Kerbal Space Program.

The new version lets you play a career program, not just a sandbox. So I reach a point where I could land a rover on the Mun.

Right here.

Hello Mun Rover!

Let's do some SCIENCE! The other solar panel broke. The landing was a bit rough.

While wanding round on the Munar surface, I came across what could be the Kerbal equivalent of a Monolith.



I do enjoy this game.

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Looks more like a stargate... look around and see if there's a DHD?

Darn, I suppose that would be too easy..

If you're in Sydney next week or the week after, and still bored, can I entice you out for gelato and coffee? I'll be up from Wednesday.

I will be all over the place until the 11th, then I'll be back in Richmond until the 21st, The weekend of 14th/15th would be good.

Bugger - was all over the place myself and completely forgot. How's tomorrow afternoon? I'm guessing you're heading back to Dubbo on the 21st. (Breakfast before you go perhaps?)

My number is 041 041 0598

Nice! I need to work on my landers - I can land a single kerbal capsule pretty much anywhere (though my interplanetary transfers still need work.. I don't know how people manage to plan four or five orbits in advance!), but haven't had any luck with rovers or the three kerbal capsule...

Been past, around, and possibly over Kooragang but I don't think I've ever actually been on it. Other than giant coal loaders is there anything there?

A wetlands full of birds and green & gold bell frogs.

The Stockrington wetlands near Minmi were fairly attractive that way too, especially when zipping down the abandoned coaliery railway on a quadricycle. As the crow flies they're only about 10km in a straight line (driving is about 25km). I wonder if the vulnerable status green and golden bell frogs are there as well?

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