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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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It's not always beer
On Saturday I went for a drive around the northern bush and national parks of Sydney. I discovered the Scheyville national park, once a military base and before that, an immigration centre to house migrants just after the war.

And then off to Wiseman's Ferry. Smoke from back-burning filled the Hawksbury valley, and the far shore was a dark smudge in the blue haze. So I headed back to Richmond.

Sunday was another trip to Thirlmere with [profile] thefoxaroo and Steve, to visit the Trainways Rail Museum. Again. We rode a vintage train (diesel engine due to the fire ban) and wandedered through the museum. I didn't take as many photos as last time.

Finally we chased the trian to Buxton - [profile] thefoxaroo and Steve filmed the engine from the road.

Photos and videos to come.

And now, beer...