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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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The music is very fitting.

I presume this was achieved by one of those wifi-controlled miniature aircraft? I think I saw it's shadow about 2/3 of the way in.

Those darned fires have left their mark. Some of those areas will never be the same.

It's a quadcopter with a camera, operated by Civil Drones. I'd love to have gear like that. I'd ride steam trains and film from the outside.

So that's what they're called - Quadcopter!

I saw one being demonstrated at a Telstra shop when I went in there about my iPhone battery dying suddenly. There were videos suggesting that they're commercially available to the public, but I didn't ask the name of the things. They certainly looked interesting, but for me it would have been an expensive toy that I'd never be able to use often enough to justify the cost.

For you on the other hand would something like that be useful to you at work? Aerial views of mining sites? I certainly approve of the idea of chasing steam trains too! :)

It is sad, and while the area will never really be the same as it was, I have faith that nature will prevail and bring forth great beauty once things are able to grow again.

purrzah and I saw photos of a sweet little joey being cared for that had his feet burned trying to get away from the fire zone. Are you caring for - or do you have plans to care for - any rescued animals from there, yourself?

My job takes me away from home for extended periods, so I can't look after animals & birds any more. They need a stable home.

It's a shame, as you seemed to do so well with their care, but understandable with the way jobs go these days.

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