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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Around The World In 80 Beers Episode 130: Haymaker

Pours a slightly cloudy, dark amber with medium amounts of visible carbonation. The head is fluffy and white, and fades away slowly.

First Sip: Mild citrus, faint malt and a tiny bit of caramel, with a very mild hops bitterness. Finish is a little dry. Mouth-feel is medium with a little carbonation tingle on the tongue. The citrus becomes more noticeable and grapefruit-y as the glass warms.

I really want to rave about this beer. It looks great, but it tastes like... a beer. There are too many "Milds" and "Faints" in the description to make me say it's yummy. It's nice, and highly drinkable, and goes well with cheese. But it's just a beery beer. If the day was really hot and I was sitting around a BBQ, this would go down well. And that's what makes it disappointing; it' a BBQ beer. I expected more from it.

Hook Norton Brewery, Banbury
5.0% alc/vol
500ml bottle


Same again, sir? Um... yeah. Cheese?

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It's a beery beer, not a cheery beer or a merry beer then?

I'm very curious about what kind of BBQ beer lives up to your expectations? Can you go into more detail?

BBQ beer isn't too strong tasting. It's just a drink to have while you wait for th BBQ to finish.

Ah. So BBQ beers are relaxing beers then?

Meanwhile I'll have to find which soft drink goes well with strawberries dipped in dark chocolate. Maybe a flavored soy drink or something.

I will be in Sydney this weekend.

Steam trains? (if my car is back from the panel-beaters)


This weekend could be tricky. The art jam is this Sunday, as it's the only day in October everyone agreed to set aside

What about Saturday? I'd need to phone one of my church friends beforehand because I'd previously confirmed to him that I'd be at church this Sabbath.

Think we could smuggle my fursuit in and get a few pics of me hugging locomotives? My birthday and "hug a locomotive day" are the following weekend.

Can't do it Saturday - I have to fly to Dubbo to pick up my car, then attand a memorial service. The weekend after, I have to be back in Dubbo.

Weekend of the 3rd & 4th I have nothing planned.

Fly to Dubbo and pick up your car? You're a stronger flying fox than I ever imagined.

On a more serious side, I'm sorry to hear that you have to attend a memorial service. Family member or friend?

Sunday the 3rd I'm free (4th's a Monday). Thirlmere? Costume?

Memorial for my uncle. It is to be held in Katoomba, but... well. I don't know now.

3rd sounds good! Costume sounds good! Are you allowed to fursuit there or do you have to sneak?

I'm very sorry to hear about your uncle.

I'll do the honest thing and ask at the entrance if they have any objection to me being photographed wearing an animal costume. I haven't seen any "no animals allowed" signs, so that's a good start.

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