Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Around The World In 80 Beers Episode 130: Haymaker


Pours a slightly cloudy, dark amber with medium amounts of visible carbonation. The head is fluffy and white, and fades away slowly.

First Sip: Mild citrus, faint malt and a tiny bit of caramel, with a very mild hops bitterness. Finish is a little dry. Mouth-feel is medium with a little carbonation tingle on the tongue. The citrus becomes more noticeable and grapefruit-y as the glass warms.

I really want to rave about this beer. It looks great, but it tastes like... a beer. There are too many "Milds" and "Faints" in the description to make me say it's yummy. It's nice, and highly drinkable, and goes well with cheese. But it's just a beery beer. If the day was really hot and I was sitting around a BBQ, this would go down well. And that's what makes it disappointing; it' a BBQ beer. I expected more from it.

Hook Norton Brewery, Banbury
5.0% alc/vol
500ml bottle


Same again, sir? Um... yeah. Cheese?
Tags: beer

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