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Around The World In 80 Beers Episode 129: Old Hooky

The bottle opens with a faint hiss. The beer pours the colour of honey with a faint cloudiness. Not much carbonation - the head is small and fades away quickly. (I suspect something may be wrong with my glass.)

Old Hooky

First Sip: Mild sweet malts and citrus, with a faint bready yeast, up front. Strong lingering citrus on the back of the tongue, with an even longer lasting, fainter hoppy bitterness. Mouth-feel is medium with a mild carbonation tingle on the tongue. It is warming in the belly and the beer burp is pleasent.

This is a rather nice English Brown Ale from the Hook Norton Brewery. I can most definitely see myself sitting in an Old Pub by a canal, sipping this and Pondering the pie menu. Hmm... Steak and Kidney? Or Steak and Mushrooms? It's a nice, warming ale, excellent for sitting in the back garden and listening to the honey-eaters and wood pigeons call.

Goodness! I've just been handed some toasted crumpets. Cheers!

Old Hooky
Hook Norton Brewery, Banbury
5.5% alc/vol
500ml bottle

Old Hooky

Same again, sir? Cheers!
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