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My 2 weeks off turned into 1 week off, due t a flood of work coming into the company. Bugger... sort of. I would have liked that extra week, but the additional works will see us busy well into next year. Which is nice.

So I spent most of the week just buming around the house, and then I visited my brother Rob and his family in Wagga, for a couple of days. We drove out to Junee to look at the Licorice & Chocolate Factory. They make proper chocolate there, not the mass-produced compound chocolate you get in supermarkets. I couldn't decide if I wanted milk chocolate or dark chocolate, or chocolate coated coffee beans or almonds, or licorice. I settled on a packet of dark chocolate coated freeze-dried strawberries. I wish I'd bought more packets. wow - yummy!

Saturday afternoon Rob & I hit the local micro brewery - "Thirsty Crow" - to try a sampler pack. The beers are exceptional - the dark beers are yummy. I bought a pack of stout. We almost bought a pizza (The Sunday Roast - roast beef, roast potato, roast carrots, gravy on a pizza base, and wood-fired.) but Antionette was cooking a big feed at the house.Next time; more beer and pizza.

And now I'm back in Sydney, working. Oh well.

Beer review next.

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