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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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happy den
My 2 weeks off turned into 1 week off, due t a flood of work coming into the company. Bugger... sort of. I would have liked that extra week, but the additional works will see us busy well into next year. Which is nice.

So I spent most of the week just buming around the house, and then I visited my brother Rob and his family in Wagga, for a couple of days. We drove out to Junee to look at the Licorice & Chocolate Factory. They make proper chocolate there, not the mass-produced compound chocolate you get in supermarkets. I couldn't decide if I wanted milk chocolate or dark chocolate, or chocolate coated coffee beans or almonds, or licorice. I settled on a packet of dark chocolate coated freeze-dried strawberries. I wish I'd bought more packets. wow - yummy!

Saturday afternoon Rob & I hit the local micro brewery - "Thirsty Crow" - to try a sampler pack. The beers are exceptional - the dark beers are yummy. I bought a pack of stout. We almost bought a pizza (The Sunday Roast - roast beef, roast potato, roast carrots, gravy on a pizza base, and wood-fired.) but Antionette was cooking a big feed at the house.Next time; more beer and pizza.

And now I'm back in Sydney, working. Oh well.

Beer review next.

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Do you know anything about rescue/ rehab of turtles?

If it's uninjured, just let it go in the nearest body of water.

If it's injured a little, long term care in a confined space so it can't re-injure itself. If it's injured a lot, call a specialist because there is not much you can do.

Their metabolism is so slow, they can go weeks without food.

Edited at 2013-09-30 04:33 am (UTC)

Poor little bugger was run over by a car.

Picked him up off the road, his shell was broken near the edge on the top and the bottom, bleeding slowly. He retracted all feet when stroked, and poked his head out. Took him to the vet in Bairnsdale, who examined him and glued his shell back together with some kind of dental fixative.</p>

At the moment I have him in a large container as he can't go into water for three weeks. But our other turtle only eats in water, so I was a bit worried. I cut up a small piece of raw prawn for him yesterday, which he ate.

We'll be going back through bairnsdale in about a month, so will try to release him as close to where we found him as possible.

Between Newcastle and Wollongong there's a place called Sydney...

...and it's Hell there.

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