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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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happy den
So here I am into day 3 of my 2 weeks off. I was awoken* this morning by a phone call from lowen_kind to alert me to the fact that Atlanta hosts a week-long beer festival at this time of year. He has been trying to get me to the US for quite a while**, and I think he may have found the leverage.

And of course I have to attend the Llangollan Steam & Beer festival in a couple of years, so my holidays are planned for a while.

*I was actually awake but enjoying the warm bed and a long lay-in. It was time to get up anyway - I was delaying that for as long as possible
** You all have.

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lowen_kind has been asking the same of moi. I'm hopefully it will happen one day, but I got a lotta saving to do before it can happen.

As every good turn deserves another I've been asking him to come down here. I want to show him the RTM, and photograph the railway lion near some Aussie rolling stock.

One of these years I may get my passport. :=3

Actually, that is Atlantic City, NJ, not Atlanta, GA, that is holding the 2 day beer festival. ;=3

It was early. My head wasn't working properly. 8)

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Where are you located?
I'm in Malaga, NJ. :=3

(Deleted comment)
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