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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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happy den
Those of you who can be bothered with Facebook, and follow me there, will know I have just spent 14 days on a mining camp near Roma, Queensland. And now I am back, with 2 weeks off! I really need this after 13 days of twelve hour shifts.

I have a lot of catching up to do with Livejournal,beerage, and general things.

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FB is not really my thing, however I won't let that stop me from sharing one of these with you:



Looks like you finished that just in time!

I do try to follow label directions carefully :)

Wow, what an adventure that must have been.

The camp chef was French, and sometimes he couldn't help himself. in amongst the steamed veggies, sausages and mashed potatoes and onion gravy, you'd find a tub of braised lamb cubes in a red wine sauce.

I continue to refuse to have anything whatsoever to do with FB (or Twitter either). But welcome back to civilization!

I have another friend (both in RL and LJ) who is a mining engineer, involved in coal mining. Always either in some gods-forsaken pit under the Canadian Rockies, where summer lasts about two weeks, or in an even more primitive hole in central China; this person's skills are apparently in tremendous demand, despite being batshit crazy. Although I suspect that spending one's life in a mine might be enough to drive anyone batshit crazy; how are, you, anyway? :-)

The camp was actually in the middle of a gas field (NOT a fracking gas field - this was a real gas field) and I can't talk about the site apart from saying I was there.

I'm tired, but well. Asthma is under control, and pain killers are keeping my ankle from stopping working.

My friend also can't be too specific about where the holes in the ground actually are - the Canadian Rockies cover an awful lot of territory, and China covers even more.

Have you re-injured the same ankle yet again? Maybe you should try wearing your shoes on the wrong feet :-)

As for me, I've just had eye surgery (repairing cataract surgery that was badly done ten years ago - it's all in my journals), and I'm teaching myself to play the ukulele (details to follow, after I surprise someone with it - don't want to spoil the surprise).

The left ankle problem is arthritis - the doctor warned me about it years ago when I sprained it badly on my first trip to NZ.

I've been following your adventures in surgery. The ukelele is new. 8-)

In the long chaotic process of trying to clean up after Sandy, I found a box that hadn't gotten wet at all, and one of the things in that box was a banjo-ukulele - works like a regular uke, but instead of a curved wooden sound box, it has a round, hide-covered resonator like a banjo. My mother had written her name inside it; from the penmanship, I deduce she was in her early teens at the time, which would have put it around 1930 or so. The uke was in good structural condition, but missing a lot of important parts. I asked a friend of mine, formerly from NYC, who plays the banjo for a living, where I might get it repaired, and he sent me to a luthier he knew from when he lived here. I just got it back from them a week after the eye surgery. But I've already started to teach myself how to play it. I want to at least be able to strum a few chords to accompany myself when I sing.

Apropos of absolutely nothing, sheramil's birthday is this Friday.

What acelightning said. If it weren't for the fact that the Aussie furry community has deserted the Furstralia forums in favor of the FaceBook pit I wouldn't bother with it either.

I like your differentiation of "a fracking gas field" and "real gas field" :D

I hate coal seam gas. Its method of production is wasteful, toxic, and as destructive as an open-cut mine.

...and you've just given three very good reasons why I hate CSG too. :)

Even in the Alex Cartoon they were bold enough to make the prediction "Anything to do with fracking is a sell."
(12th panel, not including the title panel)

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