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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Around The World In 80 Beers Episode 124: Rainforest Lager
One last one from Mount Tamborine.

Rainforest Lager

Pours a pale, slightly cloudy yellow with a moderate amount of head that fades to nothing.

First Sip: Lots of citrus. A tiny bit of malt, and even tiny-er bready yeast. Not much else. Mouth-feel is thin and fizzy.

What a disappointment! I suppose all their beers can't be excellent. This lager is very... lager. It's drinkable, and would make a good one to quaff during a bbq on a really hot day. It goes down very easily, once you get used to the citrus.

HOWEVER... no, not even a good strong cheddar can save this one. It's just another lager. Nice and drinkable, but not great.

Rainforest Lager
Mount Tamborine Brewery
330ml bottle

Rainforest Lager

Same again, sir? Um... oh all right.

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Love it.

How close is "Um... oh all right" to "if you insist?" :)

Hello, I saw your page about pee wees. I couldn't find a contact you on that page. I have a pee wee well adopted yesterday after a tree was cut down. Only a few days old so chances are slim but he is strong and has been eating every hour, not sure if thats right? Im following your recipe on your page. if ok would love some advice. I contcted a fauna rescue and they told me to let it die..I couldnt do that. Hope its ok to post this comment on here

Eating every hour is okay. Peewees are hungry little guts and will eat for as long as you give them food.

You have to minimise conact with the bird. Don't handle it. If it's very small and needs a nest, I use a small margarine container full of tissues, and leave that in a bird cage for protection. Feed the bird pieces about the size of a pea, and use a stick - a bamboo skewer with the sharp ends cut off, for example. Put the food on the stick and feed the bird from a distance.

When it gets older - full feathers and flapping - it will need a much bigger cage, and try to get it to self feed as soon as possible. It takes about 2 weeks to get to this stage.

It will need a flight aviary about 3m x 3m x 2m high to get the wing strength for release, from about 4 weeks, for 2 weeks. I do a soft release - open the aviary door and let the bird find its way out, and keep feeding if it wants it. After 1 week of this gradually reduse the supplimentary feed. The bird has to fend for itself. As I said, peewees are greedy guts and will beg for food ALL the time when they see you. Resist the temptation to feed them too much after this time.

Also, be aware that a young peewee can just die suddenly for no apparent reason. It's not your fault - they just do. Don't be too sad if it dies.

Thanks so much! So hard to get advice.

I have an avairy of that size so I should be all good when the time comes. I havent been holding it but I feed it from my hand I will stop and do with a stick.

I actually didnt think he would last the night as he wasn't pooing yesterday but now does everytime I feed him. Little noisy thing woke me up at 5.30 as it is warm in my hallway.
I think he is only 2 days old as the eggshell was still under the tree and he opened his eyes today. I'm not holding much hope as he is so young but its a better chance than getting eaten by a cat on the street

Thanks for your advice I really appreciate it :).

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