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Around The World In 80 Beers Episode 124: Rainforest Lager

One last one from Mount Tamborine.

Rainforest Lager

Pours a pale, slightly cloudy yellow with a moderate amount of head that fades to nothing.

First Sip: Lots of citrus. A tiny bit of malt, and even tiny-er bready yeast. Not much else. Mouth-feel is thin and fizzy.

What a disappointment! I suppose all their beers can't be excellent. This lager is very... lager. It's drinkable, and would make a good one to quaff during a bbq on a really hot day. It goes down very easily, once you get used to the citrus.

HOWEVER... no, not even a good strong cheddar can save this one. It's just another lager. Nice and drinkable, but not great.

Rainforest Lager
Mount Tamborine Brewery
330ml bottle

Rainforest Lager

Same again, sir? Um... oh all right.
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