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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Around The World In 80 Beers Episode 122: Cuvee Belgian Blonde
I'm fraid my journal is becoming a Beer, Travelogue & Photos journal. Nothing of real subsance is being written here. My apologies if you are expecting Depth. Speaking of beer...

Cuvee Belgian Blonde
I suppose this is mean to be the Belgian Blonde.

Pours a slightly cloudy honey colour, with a moderate amount of carbonation - in fact it looks like I poured a glass of fizzy honey. Small white head that fades to a thin lacing.

Fist Sip: Quite a lot of lemony citrus up front, with a faint, long-lasting hops. Malt is trying to get through but it is largly hidden by the citrus flavours. Mouth-feel is smooth and quite dry, with a carbonation tingle on the tongue.

I dunno. I want to like this a lot, but it is... ok. Nice, but not excellent. I think I was expecting more. I could drink this in a BBQ session but it won't be one I would specially seek out. On the other hand, I would never refuse a glass or four if it is offered.

*pause to eat cheese*

Wow. It *does* go well with a strong cheddar! I could drink/eat this combination for quite a while.

Cuvee Belgian Blonde
Mount Tamborine Brewery
330ml bottle

Cuvee Belgian Blonde

Same again, sir? Yes, and bring a wheel of strong cheddar.

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Don't stop!! Your journal contains more content than mine, and your beer reviews are so interesting that they grab my attention and I don't even *drink* beer!! Did you see my birthday post for you?

I just saw that. Thanks!

I started reading your journal because of the interesting creatures you were caring for. Now, I enjoy the reviews of the brews you try. Some of them I've decided to check out for myself, even though I'm not a big consumer of alcohol. :)

Were the brews the way I described?

My work committments have killed my animal rescues. I have not had time to care for any critter since June last year. That's a long time to be without peewees. :(

I think my favorite is still the Well's banana bread beer, of the lot... so far. But yes, the brews were mostly as you described. More often, I found them a bit stronger than I'm used to, but perhaps that's because I just don't drink much and have always had an acute sense of smell and palate in regard to various dishes and drinks.

And I can completely understand about the work cutting into rescue time. Seems we're all suffering with some form of crunch on things we need to do to eek out a living as compared to things we'd like to be doing.

All the best, though! And do keep up with the reviews as best you're able. They're most enjoyable.

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