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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Around The World In 80 Beers Episode 121: Moderation Golden Ale
A pale ale based on the American ales brewed in the 1970s. What could go wrong?

Moderation Golden Ale

Pours a dark golden colour with a thin white head. A lot of fine bubbles in the glass.

First Sip: Slightly sweet biscuity malt and a nice amount of citrusy hops bitterness up front - not the WAH HOPS! I was expecting. Mouth feel is smooth with a little foamy carbonation, and slightly astringent. Nice beer burp. Goes very will with cheese scones.

This is a rather nice American Pale. I was expecting something either insipid (it's 2.8%) or very over-hopped - the way Torpedo and Urquell is too hoppy. But it's not; it's very drinkable. I could easily go a session with this, especially on a hot day.

And it does wash down cheesey scones very nicely.

Moderation Golden Ale
Mount Tamborine Brewery
330ml bottle

Moderation Golden Ale

Same again, sir? Yes please.

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Many happy returns (not aftertastes!) and may every one of your days be fine, and none so low as a beer with a blue-tongued skink on the label.

===|==============/ Level Head

Thank you, kind sir!

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